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Anticipation July 6, 2011

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A skill people dont look at as an essential to anyone performing a job, especially those that are in client facing roles.

Knowing your customer is one thing, but having known them and to anticipate what they may look for, is what will enable providing value added services because now you actually anticipated what is it that will add value.

Anticipation is not to be confused up with paranoia. Anticipation is a positive, creative energy to be channeled for the better good of a context, and a relationship.

And to develop the skill to anticipate, an individual must have the bent of mind to be able to profile, abstract experiences with different people and be inclined to study who you are dealing with ‘actively’.

We all sub conciously and sometimes conciously do anticipate when a situation demands us to stay ahead … but thats not enough …

… these lines from One Jump Ahead from Aladin …

One jump ahead of the hoofbeats
One hop ahead of the hump
One trick ahead of disaster
They’re quick, but I’m much faster
Here goes, better throw my hand in
Wish me happy landin’
All I gotta do is jump

, if applied in every bit of work we do, we all could be better.

Again, it is not in an obsessive sense, but from the sense of internalization.

Extending this to every walk of life, only reminds us to stay responsible individuals and exercise our concious to think of impacts of everything we do.