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iPhone or iPhoney? October 4, 2010

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

Just a year ago, in retrospect, I made a big mistake … I bought an iPhone, well, that’s not the mistake. I also said ‘this phone has left Nokia quite behind in the race of innovation’.

My friends would remember how I used to be so proud of my Nokia 3310 (purchased in 2001, for Rs. 3K), and demonstrate again and again and again by tossing it to them to catch it and ask them to deliberately drop it, watch the phone open up into three pieces – the front frame, the battery cover and the ‘substance’ inside. And then assemble it back and show them it STILL works. I’ve never serviced it and nothing ever needed to be replaced and it still works like a true Phone.

Then came lots of fancy stuff tempting the buyer in me – like polyphonic ring tones, color display, radio, ability to surf, camera – things I did not care, until I felt the urge to be able to click pictures on the move. So I went to the market and bought k750i on the very next day of the launch (in 2005 for Rs. 20k). An amazing piece it was. Great form factor, and features sealed the deal.

It survived the occasional fall on the ground, and at one time an accidental fall in a bucket of water, and get back to working as good as new (the fall in water needed servicing for about < Rs. 2K). Last year it started giving me trouble and I thought it was time to upgrade. So I promptly went to the market with the intention of buying a simple phone which does basic telephony. But, there it was … the touchphone … from Samsung (quite reasonably priced), and when I had made up my mind to change my heart and buy one, I said, I’ll buy the best, and picked an iPhone (in 2009, for Rs 30k). So proud I was for owning a great product. And I also serviced k750i to serve me as a backup phone.

It is still a great product but by no means in the space of telephony. I treated it so well, perhaps dropped it on the floor once. But last couple of days it started to display ‘No Service’ consistently. To my disgust, I hear that the best Apple has to offer is a ‘replacement plan’ where I pay 1/3rd the price (~ Rs. 11k) of the phone for them to give me a new piece. For that price (or less), the experimental me would try an Andriod phone!

So while I am thinking, I needed to be back in the region of reachable people. I got the k750i from the closet, charged the battery fully, but looks like I am having some trouble. Then I did the worst. Snatched away the Nokia 3310 from my child who has been using it as a toy, charged the battery, and guess what … it worked! No wonder its tag line is — Connecting People!

When a phone does not serve the purpose of connecting, it is just a fancy toy and I am contemplating handing over the iPhone to my child. A for Apple, i for iPhone.



1. Just a guy - November 14, 2010

Good one! A for Apple, i for iPhone is apt!!!

They say that in the rush for all kinds of sophisticated functionality, touch screen and all that, Steve Jobs forgot the basic functionality of making an iphone into a good phone!!

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