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Power of awareness January 8, 2010

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

A while ago I had been through a situation where I witnessed how a person who did not know the rules was appealing to a reasonably reasonable person in position of power to provide for a certain facility for which he would have been rightfully entitled. At the same time I was cognizant of a certain other case where such an allowance was made to another person. Uncomfortably, I was there, as I could not go away, and could not argue for as it was not solicited, but at the same time I just felt way strangely uncomfortable.

From what I have seen, there are two reasons why people in India dont typically firmly ask for what is rightfully theirs:

It was quite an engaging point in my mind that I spent most of the evening wondering how I would have responded if I were the authority to approve.

It is one thing to have something like RTI, but the cognizance that you can exercise RTI to get the required information is what I am talking about! And how about some RTI for non-governmental matters – Say a private establishment or a private practice?



1. Rajesh Kumar - January 17, 2010

Madhavi – i’d agree following up thru; the right channels is the way to go – and RTI is an excellent tool –
you must have seen this – http://beta.thehindu.com/news/article80222.ece. looks like one should know when to draw line with RTI as well.

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