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Unfair economics(st) … January 9, 2008

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

Hey! I went to subscribe to The Economist and was excited to see them offer a complimentary copy of ‘The World in 2008’ and then I noticed I need to select the Delivery Country, so I selected India, and guess what! there is no complimentary copy AT ALL!! And I went on to randomly select United Kingdom and see they have a complimentary copy of ‘Pocket World in Figures’. I thought it was unfair subscribing from India gives no complimentary copy! Well, I expected our subscription should work out cheaper, but NO!!! Subscription to delivery country – India – costs Rs 5000 ($127.24) where as subscription to delivery country US with that complimentary copy for 51 editions (six of which are risk-free trial issues) costs just $98! So I just checked the price for delivery country UK and was surprised to know it was £83.00 ($163.82)! So wonder how the price is arrived at?

Further reading leads me to surmise it is probably because 54% of subscription of 1.2 million copies a week (as of summer 2007) is from the North America, 14% from UK, 19% from continental Europe. So just 13% is subscribed by the rest of the world. Maybe it is the volumes dictating the prices.

Let me ponder over this and decide if I, coming from a poorer country, want to pay that kind of money.



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