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Remembering Mr. L. B. Shastri October 8, 2007

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in history.

On Oct 2nd, I asked about 8 people if they knew which other eminent personality instrumental in the national freedom struggle and nation building shared their b’day with M. K. Gandhi and no points for guessing … no one got the answer!

I also reflected on the thought how the limited knowledge (of history) of people can make a mahatma’s personality shadow the small contributions made by lesser known people, such as L. B. Shastri!

Luckily for Vividh Bharathi, of the All India Radio station that plays age-old relevant song, while keeping up with the times, had a song aired where a lady is singing to her son whose B’day is on 2nd Oct and tells the kid that he should try to be like either of the two heroes or at least follow their path … and thats when it donned on me that it was L .B. Shastri’s birth anniversary too!

Again, we live in a generation where apart from curiosity and information, I am not sure if knowing these things are of relevance. While debating this thought, I thought it may be worthwhile to know a little bit more about the third Prime Minister of the country a little more. I was glad to learn the stuff I read on the wiki.

So Jai Jawan Jai Kisan (jai the soldier, hail the farmer) is what this man said, and the state of farming or agriculture does not sound too great in India at the moment! We hear of farmer suicides every now and then! And subsequently several farmers moving out to cities for non-agricultural options while some decided to stick on to agriculture. Led me to thinking if it was a good or a bad trend? Although, it looks heartening that we are progressing in the right direction as can be seen from the trend in the GDP, still cant help wondering if, by decreasing our engagement in agriculture, are we seeking trouble in the future? … like the terrible shortage of food the nation faced in 1967 … ?
hmm … coming back, while one man was a master strategist in gathering the nation to fight the freedom of independence (when there were far lesser communication channels), the other had his fair share on important contributions too!

Though it might seem irrelevant to think of these two people (and many other souls born on 2nd October), it is important to recognize and remember the contributions of these people have helped shape up the nation that way it is today!

On the other hand, I was glad to see this poster at a school, but alas, those kids might not even understand the import of the thoughts and actions of these two men!!

Gandhi Jayanthi



1. Samir - October 23, 2007

Hi madhavi
your blog is nice.

Coming to think of it, I also think we have just relegated Lal Bahadur
Shastri to such a place that we dont even remember his birthday.

His contribution to our nation was no less.


2. anrosh - October 13, 2009

We need to read history with bucketfulls of salt – history is written by the powerful , of the victories of the powerful – isn’t it

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