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These are men at work! August 7, 2007

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in daily quality ....

BSNL men @ work

BSNL men @ work (2)

… they are working to set right a fault in the BSNL lines on a rainy saturday evening! This was quite a unique sight along the kerb of a busy road in Indiranagar (in Bangalore). So what about it? Well, the working conditions! See these men … sitting in the mud and slush, under a tent made using a plastic sheet. I think they could have been better equipped.

I wonder who is to realize that people at work should get the right gear for whatever work they are doing!

I wonder if it is lack of education or awareness. I guess it is both. With education you know why you need what you should need and with awareness of rights/standards you would know you can demand those.

And for most part I guess it is ignorance and indifference …



1. JJ - September 11, 2007


Why there is no posting recently ? Too tied up with work? I like the way you pictorize things and reflections of your thoughts


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