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A sunday toast! February 22, 2007

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With slight apprehension if I was doing the right thing giving up the only day I had free last week, I decided to attend the First South India conference of the Toastmasters International – (District 82P Division B).

After a slightly boring cliche’ inaugural, it was time to hear Mr. Srinivasan (who assumed office as the DG and IG of Karnataka police). His speech was simple for a non-flambouyant person to understand, sometimes colloquial, but so full of humour while being sincere. I have never before admired the captive power of a pause in a speech.

The educational sessions revealed an interesting aspect of public speaking: You may be confident, immaculately dressed, your speech extensively researched and your English impeccable; but if you don’t connect to the audience, or listen (to the active feedback your audience gives) with your eyes, you can be sure you lost it. Like Ken Blanchard says – ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’, it is important for a champion speaker to absorb feedback!

The sumptuous lunch was followed by a competition, and some speeches were simply cool. The undisputed winner had me wipe my tears atleast 6 times; I could not control them as I laughed my heart out! It got me more tears than speeches that tried to apppeal to my empathetic self. Well, it was not just me, the whole hall was in splits on the harmless subject of a Home maker!

At the end of the day, I believe it was a Sunday well spent.

But it set me thinking, where the heck did I put in those Aaah’s and Ummm’s in my talk? Too much exposure to amatuer reporters on news channnels? Well, I have turned to reading news! 🙂



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