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Bandh – A total shutdown February 13, 2007

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

I have never experienced a silent morning in Bangalore where you hear nothing but just the birds chirp … no automobiles, no noises of domestic help at work, no honks, no hawkers … It was bliss. It was as if I was in my village. But the Bandh came at a cost!

A city with 8 million population comes to a halt
Incurs atleast 610 crores loss
Some losses can be made up by compesating to work on a subsequent weekend.

All this in addition to having recd. a share of Cauvery water considered lesser than acceptable after the cauvery tribunal passed the verdict after 16 years!

So what have we done? We have bled ourselves today for having known what is to come couple of months from now. Makes me wonder if Bandhs are suicidal!

Now there is a 3 month window for all stakeholders (including Karnataka govt) to file a petition. What happens after 3 months?

We need to fight our problems and strongly so, with facts and figures but no emotions in place. While all other stakeholder states have not lost their productivity and revenues for 12 hours, how can we do so for our state?!



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