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Kodbali October 3, 2006

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I could be totally wrong on the spelling. Well, my mom took a lot of effort to write to me the recipe on Yahoo Chat. She makes this stuff really well, and I just love it.

4 measures Rice flour
1 measure Maida (all purpose flour?)
15-20 red chillies
2/3rds measure fresh coconut
Salt to taste
2 spooons Jeera
Hing – A pinch

In a kadhai (wok), fry maida on a low flame. Take it off the flame when it is just a little warmer than being lukewarm. Add this maida to the rice flour.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in the kadhai and fry the red chillies in it.

Grind salt and chillies. Grind coconut seperately. Then mix both and grind them together to a smooth paste.

Heat one ladle full of oil on medium flame, till it begins to fume.

Pour the oil on the mixture of rice flour and maida. Mix it well with a flat spoon.

Add to it the coconut/chillies/salt paste.

Add Jeera and Hing.

Mix it all uniformly.

Heat oil in a kadhai on medium flame for frying the kodbali.

Meanwhile take small quantity of flour in a plate. Sprinkle handful of water on the flour & knead thoroughly. The water should be just sufficient, so that the flour becomes soft by kneading.

Take a small lump and work with your palm to make it a long tube (solid), and join the two ends to make it a loop (O). This is the raw kodballi.

Prepare 8 to 10 of those. When the oil in the kadhai becomes hot, put the
kodballi in the oil and fry. Turn the kodaballi in kadai. When they are cooked remove from fire and serve!

Recipe tip: If small bubble like blisters come on cooked kodaballi means you have used more water!

Note on Tradition: Normally we take apiece of one kodaballi of first batch, circle it around the kadai & put it near the stove before serving the rest. Most all south indians do so.



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