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Life is all about learning how to live till you die June 10, 2006

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Life, Uncategorized.

hee hee!! Continuous learning program … And interestingly, there is no pre-set syllabus. The program is your teacher, you pay fees in terms of karma, and your grades is the snapshot of your life which is based on the karma. So you keep learning, and yet can never write a useful manual for anyone living or yet to be born.

And then what? After all that learning we die, vanish in thin air. 

Hey, thats where I begin to start asking my self, is it that we humans ponder this point or do other animals also wonder what they are upto in life 🙂

Anyways I keep wondering when I am going to learn all the limitless stuff, and get so bogged down, I often return back to basics. Me. I am my teacher, if I dont understand / know what to teach myself, I will make no progress. 



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