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Reservations June 5, 2006

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

The quota issue … The Mandal commission that allows reservation upto 50%, the equation stands as: Unreserved – Reserved = 1% – Thats all!! Now the minister of Social Justice and empowerment wishes to implement reservations for private sector.

So as Arun and I were conversing, both being in software services industry, it seemed we were amusing ourselves by imagining that there will probably be a seprate billing rate for those that did not / would not have made through merit. Something like x/5 (x being the regular billing rates)! Sure the industry is feeling the jitters of realizing a proposition of reservations!! The industry / thought leaders dont subscribe to it either! 

Now would I like it if I were Intel / Oracle? Well, while they reap benefits of cheap labour, inexpensive Rupee, I guess this should not be a big price to pay … So it is once again the Indian merit chasing population put through the grind. Wonder how the people who make use of the quota feel.

I would hate it if someone made a concession at school / work just because I am a woman. I have great respect for the SC/ST/OBC people who I have interacted with who were brilliant; and those that were not so bright / lacked educational background at home annd yet had the self esteem to not take up quota based seats for Engineering / MBBS, but instead took on courses like Hotel management and are doing great!

I think anti-reservation movement should come only from the people claiming reservation. And the request for reservation for the under-privileged should come from the unreserved. All else is a stunt / a sham.

The reservation timeline has a concise compilation for a good background info. 



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