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More wheels – greater responsibility May 30, 2006

Posted by madhavi mullagiri in Uncategorized.

The traffic in Bangalore has been worsening over time. The infrastructure is insufficiently planned for the growth that should have been correctly estimated.

We have not banned bullock carts, hand pushed vegetable vendor carts, animals, people, three-wheelers from loitering on the roads. And we are forever adjusting on one road because another one is in process of being built for the last couple of years. And more interestingly the traffic rules on the makeshift roads are quite killing! Like in the picture below (I tried to draw) where the traffic on roads on the left and right flanks of the arrow are almost perperndicular and both are given a green signal at the same time to merge onto the same road, at the same time!Imagine the chaos! We live through that everyday!

People are in a rush forever to get to work, get home, get to a mall; everyone trying to get ahead of the other squeezing through the little space between the vehicles. And talk about love for your vehicle, it is all lost. People have the money to buy a convertible Mercedes, well, you feel sad for the roads it adorns! If must consider yourself lucky if no two wheeler decided to take a sharp cut from the left or the right right in front of your car in a manner that jeoperdizes the life of the biker!

If you are in the car stay away from:

  1. Bikers – The bikers care less, they seem to be driving with a high because they can squeeze through any space. They chance risking their lives and could potentially put a car driver under tension of a possible accident. Most bikers dont wear helments.
  2. Buses are awful monsters. They can ram over you
  3. Cyclists – They dont believe in rear view mirrors and think they can turn the handle, then look behind, and move on. They wear no helmets
  4. Autos (three wheelers) – Most unpredictable vehicles that move like bugs out of the movie The Mummy. Even worse when they have a reverse gear!
  5. Pedestrians – Stay away from them because they beat the autos. Especially a few who have never learnt the art of crossing the road.
  6. Taxis – The small car-cabs, SUVs, etc. They are perenially in a hurry to make many trips to make the money

So what do you do? Drive defensively. Understand that a vehicle, although maynot be the fastes, but is a tireless way to your destination. And yeah, since in case of an accident, typically the one with more wheels are blamed, you might as well assume greater responsibility and go slow!



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