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Slow and Quick Poison March 20, 2006

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slow and quick poison

interesting …

Hmm, nothing to beat that message on the yellow lorry which had a layer of soot all over and was right in front of my car. Lorries typically in the 80 – 90 used to have “We two ours two” to spread the message for family planning in the evergrowing Indian population, and sometimes you have ‘Jai Mata Di’ or ‘Jesus Saves’. But thesedays there are more interesting messages. Coming back to the sooted yellow lorry, I see at the rear extreme left there is some text in English / uppercase-Italics. ‘BLAKE SMOKE‘ … The only Blake I have heard about is William Blake … Blake smoke ?! made no sense. I just kept wondering and my gaze shifts to the rear right extreme of the lorry ‘LUNGS CHOKE‘ !! This sooted lorry was carrying the message ‘Black smoke lungs choke’. Most of the drivers do not have basic education, leave alone knowing English. From that perspective, I appreciate the message and the ingenuity. So Blake was afterall meant to be black and written in the way Western India would pronounce Black.



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